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Why we love vintage costume jewellery

It sparkles, it shines – the smallest piece can brighten your day. Jewellery does not have to be expensive to catch your eye and bring a bit of joy. I remember getting a free plastic ring with a comic when I was a little girl. I was so excited because it transported me to a different place.

Sometimes a piece of jewellery makes you catch your breath and you just want to touch it, hold it for a while. Read our blog post about the Trifari tingle

There is a theory that pre-loved jewellery carries the experiences of previous owners. I do like to think about the previous owners – when did they wear this necklace? Did they only wear it on special days or was it an everyday thing? You can sometimes see some wear on a vintage piece – a bit of wear around the back of the neck where it rubbed against their skin or on the inside of a ring.

black cameo brooch

Recycling and celebrating British designers

We like the idea of recycling vintage jewellery – giving it a new lease of life and a chance to shine again. We carefully clean up our vintage pieces and sometimes replace lost stones (we will always tell you if we have done this). In our throwaway world wearing vintage jewellery not only gives you a chance to be unique, to celebrate some of our British designers but to save a beautiful piece from languishing in an old box.

For us the most exciting thing is to get a new box of vintage jewellery and go through it, looking for signatures, trying to work out who might have designed an unsigned piece – waiting for that catch of the breath.

peking glass brooch

Sometimes we don’t want to let a piece of beautiful vintage costume jewellery go…

Wear your vintage sparkles with joy – be playful, be classy.


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