Vintage costume jewellery

The beauty of vintage jewellery Here at Kikulu we have a passion for all things vintage – from clothes to decor and furniture. We can learn so much from looking at the styles and designs from the past and we often find that design tastes change in a cyclical way as old styles come back[…]

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The Trifari tingle

What is the Trifari tingle? Some readers may already know what I mean by just looking at the title of this post. What I mean is that tingle of excitement when you hold your first Trifari piece of vintage costume jewellery. The excitement comes partly from knowing that Trifari jewellery is really high-quality costume jewellery, but[…]

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SELRO SELINI jewellery

Although the two terms are often used together by vintage jewellery sellers, the jewellery is rarely from both SELRO (which was a company started in the US in the 1940s by Paul Selenger) and SELINI which was another company run by Selenger. Selenger was responsible for the design of Selenger/Selini pieces. Famous for the ‘Many[…]

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Sarah Coventry satin petals brooch

Winter jewellery collection

Seasonal jewellery At Kikulu we like to emphasise that there are no rules with regard to what jewellery you should wear and when you wear it. Indeed we are keen to get some male customers wearing our fabulous handmade designs and vintage finds. But there is no getting away from it – some pieces are[…]

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