Pearls are back in fashion

For us at Kikulu pearls have never been out of fashion! We love real pearls and faux pearls and are very excited to see that men have also been seduced by the timeless classic beauty with famous celebrities such as Harry Stiles and Pharell Williams and other rappers all wearing pearls with style. Pearls have[…]

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Sarah Coventry satin petals brooch

Winter jewellery collection

Seasonal jewellery At Kikulu we like to emphasise that there are no rules with regard to what jewellery you should wear and when you wear it. Indeed we are keen to get some male customers wearing our fabulous handmade designs and vintage finds. But there is no getting away from it – some pieces are[…]

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Unique handmade washi paper jewellery

What is washi paper? The washi paper jewellery series is made from genuine Japanese washi paper. Washi paper is a traditional handmade paper using tree bark which is widely used for origami. Washi paper made from bark fibre has a unique strength and flexibility. It also has a beautiful translucency and often has a gold print outline which[…]

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beaded earrings

Earrings giveaway

Are you in time to try to enter our earrings giveaway on Facebook? We are offering two pairs of sterling silver beaded earrings worth £35 each to highlight a new line of handmade jewellery by Lou McGill. The jewellery is made by sewing through tiny seed beads and Delica beads and also features Swarovski crystals[…]

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