turquoise gemstone earrlings

Handmade gemstone earrings

Semi precious gemstones have been worn as adornment for centuries but have also inspired beliefs that gemstones possess special qualities that impart their effects on to the wearer. These might be specifically related to health and wellbeing but are also thought to help with different aspects of behaviour. Some gemstones are though to be calming[…]

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Sarah Coventry satin petals brooch

Winter jewellery collection

Seasonal jewellery At Kikulu we like to emphasise that there are no rules with regard to what jewellery you should wear and when you wear it. Indeed we are keen to get some male customers wearing our fabulous handmade designs and vintage finds. But there is no getting away from it – some pieces are[…]

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Gemstone necklaces

We are delighted to launch a new series of handmade gemstone necklaces. These are all unique individual necklaces that will not be recreated in the same form. They are made with a mixture of gemstone, glass, ceramic, wood and metal beads. They are all asymmetrical and can be worn in a variety of ways. They[…]

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