Pearls are back in fashion

For us at Kikulu pearls have never been out of fashion!

We love real pearls and faux pearls and are very excited to see that men have also been seduced by the timeless classic beauty with famous celebrities such as Harry Stiles and Pharell Williams and other rappers all wearing pearls with style.

Pearls have always been associated with purity – probably because of the white creamy colour of some pearls but they also come in many colours and they can be worn with anything from denim to leather.

Of course wedding days often feature pearls and we do make a range of handmade white freshwater pearl earrings and necklaces.

At Kikulu we also like to up cycle old vintage pearl necklaces and mix them with gemstones or other beads to create new designs and give those pearls a new lease of life – letting them be loved all over again.

We think you can’t go wrong with pearls and really like the idea of wearing lots of them in a jumble around the neck. Our model Eve here is showing just how dramatic a mass of pearls can be – they don’t always have to be demure and pure – they can really make a statement en masse.

Have a go yourself – wear a set of pearl bracelets up your arm this summer or wear a few necklaces together to create an impact in your zoom meetings while we live in coronavirus lock down. Or simply wear a pair of pearl earrings to make you feel a bit special.

Pearls make a great gift as well – freshwater pearls are thought to symbolise purity and innocence as well as enhancing honesty and integrity. Wearing pearls is said to help treat nausea and digestive problems, to improve fertility and reduce the pains of childbirth.

Send us any photos of you wearing your pearls and we will feature them on this blog. Let’s celebrate their timeless nature.

model wearing multiple vintage pearl necklaces
Our model Eve wearing multiple vintage pearl necklaces

The photos below provide a glimpse of the pearls we have for sale at the moment but if you want to see the whole collection make a cup of tea or grab a glass of something a little stronger and have a browse of all our pearly goodness :)

turquoise pearl leaf brooch pearl-drop earrings jewelcraft flower spray brooch black jewelcraft pearl bracelet waterfall earrings pearl-drop earrings

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