Welcome to this new online shop which offers a wide range of unique handmade accessories and jewellery created by myself, Lou McGill.

I previously sold my work in the  Macintosh Queens Cross shop in Glasgow and in my own art gallery based in Southwest Scotland – Life’s Little Ironies. in the gallery I sold a range of paintings, prints and photographs, but was also committed to selling traditional craft items. The shop also featured handmade textiles, ceramics, glass works, leather goods and jewellery.



The shop has now been sold and I now live in Leicester, England. I had not produced any new items for sale since moving but have decided to create some new work and sell it here in an online shop.

Washi paper jewellery

A series of unique jewellery made using Japanese washi paper and glass cabochons. The series offers a variety of Japanese designs set in a range of settings including wood, antique bronze effect metal, silver plated metal and hypoallergic stainless steel. I have created round, oval and square pendants, stud and hanging earrings, various sized pin brooches and tie pins, rings and cuff links.

Art pendants

Pendants made with glass cabochons covering my own artwork (printed on fully archival acid free paper). These include a range of prints and photography that I used to sell in the gallery. The range includes square, rectangle and oval pendants.

Embroidered work

I love doing crewel embroidery. See this gallery over on my creative work website. I really like doing minature works which do take a long time. It is difficult to offer embroidery for sale because of the amount of hours/days/weeks needed to complete a work. However I have been creating some small brooches and pendants featuring minature embroidery which will be available for sale in this shop.


A series of purses and bags will also be available for sale – some of which will incorporate my embroidery designs.