There are traditional associations of some gemstones with a particular month or zodiac sign. These can vary from country to country but most Western countries recognise the garnet as the birthstone of those born in January or under the Aquarius zodiac sun sign.

The garnet is a beautiful gemstone that is usually deep red or sometimes green and  has been used for jewellery from early times all over the world. The red garnets works perfectly with gold metal and has long been associated with love and relationships. It is even said that wearing garnets can attract new relationships!

Some people believe that gemstones have their own ‘energy’ and that they can be used to improve health and wellbeing. Garnets are said by some to be a powerful energising and regenerating stone that cleans and energises all the chakras. It is also meant to be a revitalising force as well as balancing energies of the wearer.

So if you need a bit of balance or want to attract some love and harmony then wearing garnet jewellery could help – but wearing garnet jewellery for its beauty alone is fine by us at kikulu.

We love working with garnets and have created some delicate garnet necklaces and bracelets and earrings. Have a browse and if you have a friend or loved one with a January birthday then why not treat them to some glorious deep red loveliness.

Garnets – like holly berries – brighten up the cold dark winter