Handmade gemstone earrings

Semi precious gemstones have been worn as adornment for centuries but have also inspired beliefs that gemstones possess special qualities that impart their effects on to the wearer. These might be specifically related to health and wellbeing but are also thought to help with different aspects of behaviour. Some gemstones are though to be calming (like many of the blue stones) while others are though to posses fiery energy that can give the wearer purpose. Gemstones are also linked to particular birth months or astrological signs. We have a post on Amethyst as the February birthstone and garnet as the January birthstone. Whatever your beliefs there is no doubt that different gemstones can add such depth and luminosity to jewellery.

At Kikulu, we often use gemstone beads and stones in our handmade jewellery. We have created some fantastic gemstone necklaces but we thought it might be nice to pull together our gemstone earrings. These are a very affordable way to wear your favourite gemstones. We also thought it may be interesting to share what our favourites are. It is so difficult to choose – we love the earthiness of jasper, the delicate patterns in blue lace agate, the timeless quality of turquoise that conjures up ancient civilizations and the deep purple of some amethysts. Our current favourite though is butter jade. This is just so creamy and lemony and in the sunlight it is so gorgeous.

dragonfly earrings
Handmade dragonfly earrings with butter jade gemstones

Have a look at the gemstone earrings currently in our shop or go to our gemstone jewellery shop. These are just some of the beauties that you might find.

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