Very unusual vintage brooch. This large amethyst and pearl flower brooch features 5 large uncut amethyst stones surrounding a gold tone claw set real pearl.  The back has a very long pin which extends to the very edge of the brooch itself. This is a feature of very early brooches but I think this was made in the 50s or 60s. I have never comne across a brooch like this before so it is quite diffuclt to pinpoint. There are no markings on the back. The pin and goldtone back are in very good condition - which makes me think it is not really old. This is a gorgeous statement brooch in the most beautiful shade of purple set of by the single real pearl. A perfect gift for someone with a February birthday because amethyst is the February birthstone. Some people believe that gemstones possess special qualities that impart their effects on to the wearer. The amethyst is said to promote happiness, peace, love, healing, courage and intelligence. It is meant to promote peaceful sleep and pleasant dreams. It is also thought to help bring clarity and help with studying. Some say that when given as a gift to a lover the emotional bond is strengthened and their love endures so this would also make a fantastic Valentines gift. It is certainly for someone who likes something a bit different. The brooch weighs 38 grams and had a diameter of 5.5cm.   Presented in a satin drawstring bag.