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Are you in time to try to enter our earrings giveaway on Facebook?

We are offering two pairs of sterling silver beaded earrings worth £35 each to highlight a new line of handmade jewellery by Lou McGill. The jewellery is made by sewing through tiny seed beads and Delica beads and also features Swarovski crystals which are the best quality and most sparkly glass crystals.

The work is very painstaking and takes a long time. Just look at how small these beads are…


Beading around crystals, stones and cabochons means that you can reuse or upcycle broken vintage jewellery to give it a new lease of life. The two pearls in the picture above are from a broken faux pearl necklace.

The Facebook giveaway is timed to coincide with Mothers Day in the UK which is on the 31st March. We are asking people to say which of the two earrings they would like to win and to say something about their mum or special person they would like to give them to. The competition ends on Friday 22nd March to give us time to pick a winner and send them out in time for Mothers Day. We are using a service called Easypromos to manage the giveaway and to make sure the winners are chosen fairly.

The earrings have sterling silver ear wires and are presented in a lovely satin pouch. A perfect gift for someone…

Here are more photos of the two pairs on offer – a pair of pink upcycled pearl flower earrings #pinkflowerearrings and a pair of blue Swarovski Rivoli crystal heart earrings #blueheartearrings

The white and purple earrings in the top photo of this page are available for sale on this site and in the Facebook Shop

pinkflowerearrings blueheartearrings

pinkflowerearrings pinkflowerearrings blueheartearrings blueheartearrings

Go to Facebook and enter the competition! If you have come to this post after the 22nd March 2019 then keep a look out for future giveaways on Facebook or Twitter.


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