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kikulu is the place to find a wide range of handmade gifts by Lou that are not available anywhere else.

Lou is a photographer, textile artist and jewellery maker. She has a website which showcases her work.

For kikulu Lou has created jewellery and accessories that make beautiful unique gifts. Using Japanese materials, fused glass,  gemstones, seed beads, Swarvoski crystals, Czech glass, her own artwork and embroidered pieces each item of jewellery offers the wearer an opportunity to express their own individuality.

You can find gifts (for yourself or others) with spring blossoms, art deco designs, arts and crafts inspiration and natural landscapes.

Lou is a member of the Beadworkers Guild.



Lou has a fairly eclectic range of inspiration from Japanese art, design and literature to German expressionist art and film.

She likes to work with layers in her artwork and often works with several photographs to create painterly images. She has exhibited and sold her work in several galleries.


Lou’s embroidery work is often very intricate and can take weeks to produce. She does crewel embroidery and her work includes whitework, goldwork and beaded embroidery. Her subjects range from colourful dancers, animals and abstract designs.

She often makes very small pieces with tiny stitches and has been working on a series of jewellery that recreates famous paintings in less than 5cms.

Klimt kiss embroidered brooch

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